Mothering Caroline Grace

learning how to be the mom of an angel


Memory Monday

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they came.  Since Caroline was so stable, her nurses came just three days a week for about an hour to check her vitals and be there to support us.

Caroline hated having her vitals taken.  She was not one of those babies who want to be loose and free; instead, she preferred to be comfy cozy in her jammies and wrapped up in a blanket.  It was even better to be cuddled in mommy or daddy’s arms.  So when a nurse came to check her heartbeat, her respiratory rate, and her lungs, she certainly protested.  She did not want that cold stethoscope anywhere near her.

Every exam I asked the nurses how she was doing, and every time her vitals remained stable.  Every exam I asked if her lungs were clear, since I had been told that they would likely fill with fluid due to her heart condition, and the answer was always that they were clear.  Caroline was full of miracles.

Caroline’s nurses were there to answer any questions we had, from cleft palate care to baby rash.  I would have read all of the parenting books I could get my hands on, but I didn’t think I would take her home so I couldn’t bear to read them ahead of time.  I was so grateful to have Caroline’s hospice nurses as a resource.

Because of the quality nursing care that we had, we were able to spend all of our time enjoying and loving our sweet baby girl rather than wondering how she was doing or what to do when she pulled out her o-g tube.  We were able to take care of Miss Caroline and show her all the love in the world.  Every day I am thankful for the time at home with our beautiful child, and for everyone who helped to make it possible.

Missing you so much today, sweetheart.

Mommy loves you.