Mothering Caroline Grace

learning how to be the mom of an angel

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Here’s to you, Caroline!

My husband spent months deciding on the perfect design for his tattoo in memory of Caroline, and he got it this week!

He absolutely loves it and so do I!  It is on his outer right calf, clearly visible when he wears shorts.  It is his first tattoo, and he chose a design for our very special little girl.

Caroline’s footprint is the actual size of her footprint at birth.  The sun is something we associate with Caroline;  she loved being out in the sunshine.  The 58 is because she lived for 58 days.  We are so thankful for all of that unexpected time.  There are six flames off of the sun for her six beautiful fingers on each hand.

While I have been able to wear necklaces in memory of Caroline, my husband has not had that opportunity.  He is not a necklace-wearing-type of guy.  This has been hard for a dad who is hurting just as much as I am.  He misses Caroline so much and is so proud of her.  Now he has a way to show the world that he is the father of an incredible little girl. 

Caroline is so loved by her daddy!


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Memory Monday

When Caroline was born, everyone who could make the trip came to see her. Her aunt and uncle spent hours and hours on the train – in fact more hours traveling than visiting – just to see our little miracle. Aunts, uncles, and cousins spent hours in the car coming to see her. Grandparents drove overnight for the chance to meet Caroline.

We had no idea that we would have so much more time than we expected for cuddles and sunshine. Caroline, you are so special and loved. We will never stop loving you.


Memory Monday

I remember our last walk together.  My parents were visiting and we decided to take a stroll around the block with Caroline.  I got her settled in her wrap, all snug next to her mommy, and the four of us went for our walk.

Caroline loved being outside and feeling the sunshine on her face.

As we were walking, I noticed that Caroline was holding her head up by herself.  This was the first time I had seen her do this!  My little girl was growing up right before my eyes.  I remember being so amazed by her, especially since we were told that she would be hypotonic.  I don’t know that Caroline’s muscle tone was normal, but she held up her head by herself.  It may have only been for a few seconds, but it was amazing all the same.

She was always stronger than expected.  That’s my daughter.