Mothering Caroline Grace

learning how to be the mom of an angel

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Memory Monday

Blonde, curly, wispy hair.  The most kissable forehead, nose, and cheeks.  Big blue eyes that opened right into your pure soul.

Missing you so much my dear.  Mommy loves you.


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Memory Monday

Looking down at Caroline’s face was by far the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  I remember holding her for the first time and thinking that she was so perfect.  I also felt more joy than I could have felt with a healthy baby; seeing her wide eyes taking in the world beyond my womb was incredible.

This is how I have always felt about Caroline.  As she grew, she certainly changed.  Her face filled out as she gained weight and she spent much more time alert and awake.  Throughout it all, she was the most beautiful child I have ever seen.  Her big blue eyes were mesmerizing.  They say that eyes are the window to the soul; if so, then Caroline had the purest, sweetest soul around.

Being her mom is the greatest privilege that I have ever known.

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Memory Monday

After three days in the hospital, we were all ready to go home.  As I was wheeled out the door, my husband carried Caroline in her car seat.  I distinctly remember her eyes during the walk to the car.  They were so wide and alert as we walked the halls of the hospital.  She was leaving the delivery room for the first time, and taking in all of the new sights with wonder.  She was filled with life, on her first adventure.

Those eyes are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  They let you see right through to her beautiful soul.  Caroline’s eyes and her gorgeous curly hair were enough to melt your heart.  She truly was an angel here on earth.

Missing you every second, Miss Caroline.