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Memory Monday

Caroline was a girly girl who knew what she wanted.  

We dressed her in a new outfit almost every day because her daddy kept going Caroline shopping and family and friends sent outfits.  Caroline was always in style.  She loved her outfits but hated being changed; she did not like to be naked.  She liked to be comfortable and warm, wrapped up in the outfits bought with love and the blankets made just for her.  

Caroline always let us know when she needed something, and we spent many hours walking her around the house so that she could look around or wiggling her on our laps like jello.  The jello wiggle always calmed her down when she was fussy.  We spent the majority of our time together cuddling on the couch and rocking in her rocking chair.  Some of my favorite moments were the quiet moments when we clung to each other and our connection was undeniable.  We had mother-daughter pure love.

Caroline, that love is still in my heart.  Mommy loves you so much!


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Memory Monday

I kept a journal for Caroline during my pregnancy and her life.  Not this one, but a paper, feel-in-your-hands journal with questions for my doctor’s appointments as well as letters to my precious baby girl.  I recently took it out to find my genetic counselor’s card, which inevitably led to some reading of my time with my sweet daughter.  Today’s Memory Monday is an excerpt:

12/18/13: Hi sweetheart.  Your mama has had a lot of hip pain recently but you were more active today which was reassuring and made me happy.  Today we did some Christmas shopping – got my mom a bracelet and got my dad a spatula for grilling.  Getting a present for your daddy has been difficult – I have a few ideas but nothing has worked out and I’m running out of time!

Today I made you a preemie sized tutu with green and purple tulle and pink ribbon with purple flowers.  It came out really pretty and it’s too beautiful for the onesie that inspired it so I have to get one that will better match it.  I am glad to have an outfit ready for you if you come early.  It feels like picking out your prom dress and your wedding dress and your mother of the bride dress because it may be the only outfit you wear and I want it to be beautiful just like my baby girl.

Loving you always,

Your mommy,