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Sunshine from Caroline



I have some exciting news to share!  Remember about a month ago when I told you that my husband won a contest with Target?  Last Friday, they helped him to fulfill his dream!

We brought the toys that we had collected, about 150, to the local children’s hospital in Caroline’s name.  We were met by a truck full of toys sent by Target, which brought our total to over 2000!  It was a huge donation that is going to help kids facing a tough time to find some joy.  Doing this in her memory has been so healing and has helped our family through our first holiday season without our daughter.  We are so thankful both to Target and to everyone who sent in a donation.  It means so much to us!  Our little girl is such an inspiration and changes the world for the better every day.

Below are a few more pictures!  Even more pictures with more details can be found at








Proud of Daddy

Caroline and I have good reason to be very proud of her daddy today.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my husband had been chosen as a finalist in the Target Well Being Dreams contest.  Thank you to all of the Target team members who voted for his dream, because he has been selected as a winner!  This means that Target will in some way (we don’t have details yet) be helping to make his dream come true.  We are so excited!!!

His dream is to hold a toy drive for a local children’s hospital in memory of Caroline.  We have started organizing it on our own, but look forward to Target’s help!

Details can be found at

Our baby girl continues to change the world.  This is amazing news after a very difficult week.  Love you always, Miss Caroline.

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Dreaming of Rainbows

Last night I had a dream about my future second child.  It was a girl and I was in labor with her.  I was panicking that we didn’t have a name yet.  I needed my book of names because we needed to decide now!  It was as if the pregnancy had come to term overnight – if you know me you would know that there is no way I would not have a name picked out by the time I was in labor.  I had just arrived at the hospital and they were about to check her heartbeat, and I woke up.  The dream was more vivid that my dreams usually are.

Apparently my subconscious is preoccupied with having another baby.

One day, subconscious.  One day I will be ready.