Mothering Caroline Grace

learning how to be the mom of an angel



I never knew silence could be so loud.

I walk in the door and the absence of sound is deafening.  For two months, our family shared in the joys and frustrations of caring for an infant.  There was always something to do; she needed to be fed, or rocked, or bounced, or held tight.  We were sleep deprived and loving every minute of it.  We took a picture of Caroline with a chalkboard every day, documenting how many days old she was.  Now the chalkboard is in a closet somewhere and there are no more updates.  We were blessed to spend 58 days with her, but of course it is never enough.  Why did our sweet child have to go so soon?

Now, the only thing that we can do at home is go online or watch TV.  The familiar baby sounds are gone and we are bored and empty.

I miss our family unit of 3.

I miss my sweet Caroline.

5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. i am so sorry you have to face this silence. Sorry Caroline isn’t with you, making herself known by cooing, or burping or crying… Sorry the silence surrounding you is so loud and present.
    I spent 28 days with my baby but i feel like i can’t even remember all the sounds he used to make. And i feel so bad for not remembering.


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  3. One of the hardest thing when Igave birth to my still born iwns was the fact that they never cried.
    I’m sorry that your little girl is gone. 😦


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